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I am a Research Fellow (Assistant Professor) at the Dianoia Institute of Philosophy. My work is mostly in philosophy of language, logic, and epistemology.

I did my PhD at Rutgers University. Before that, I did a BPhil at the University of Oxford and an undergraduate degree at the University of Edinburgh.

Here is my CV.

You can contact me at



Conditional Collapse

Mind. Forthcoming.

Getting Accurate about Knowledge (with Simon Goldstein)

Mind. Forthcoming.

Degrees of Assertability

Philosophy & Phenomenological Research. 2022.

Vagueness and Discourse Dynamics

Linguistics Meets Philosophy. CUP. 2022.

A Suppositional Theory of Conditionals

Mind. 2021.

The Dynamics of Loose Talk

Noûs. 2021.

Force and Choice

Linguistics & Philosophy. 2021.

The Normality of Error (with Simon Goldstein)

Philosophical Studies. 2021.

Higher Order Ignorance inside the Margins
Philosophical Studies. 2019.

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