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My work is mostly in philosophy of language and epistemology. From September 2024, I will be a lecturer at UCL.

I previously held a position at the Dianoia Institute of Philosophy. I did my PhD at Rutgers University, a BPhil at the University of Oxford and an undergraduate degree at the University of Edinburgh.

Here is my CV.

You can contact me here.


Dogmatism & Inquiry (with John Hawthorne)

Mind. Forthcoming.

Conditional Collapse

Mind. Forthcoming.

Getting Accurate about Knowledge (with Simon Goldstein)

Mind. 2023.

Degrees of Assertability

Philosophy & Phenomenological Research. 2022.

Vagueness and Discourse Dynamics

Linguistics Meets Philosophy. CUP. 2022.

A Suppositional Theory of Conditionals

Mind. 2021.

The Dynamics of Loose Talk

Noûs. 2021.

Force & Choice

Linguistics & Philosophy. 2021.

The Normality of Error (with Simon Goldstein)

Philosophical Studies. 2021.

Higher Order Ignorance inside the Margins
Philosophical Studies. 2019.

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